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Adriatic Sea

Dubrovnik City Walls are built all around the Old Town of Dubrovnik, at the seashore, to protect town from pirates and other unwelcome guests - views of city walls from Sveti Jakov Beach. Town walls are about some miles long and they include sixteen larger and smaller beautiful towers, among them the awesome tower of Sveti Ivan, the largest one, built at the very entrance to the harbour Porporela. The walls are about 25 meters high and up to 3m thick at the sea side of the town, while at the mainland, they are thick up to 6 meters. The beautiful views from the walls are really awesome; probably the best views of Dubrovnik, with patches of great red roofs of the numerous houses beneath them.

Dominican Church and Monastery in Dubrovnik

Dominican Monastery and church in Dubrovnik (Dominikanski Samostan i CrkvaDominican Monastery and church in Dubrovnik) - (Dominikanski Samostan i Crkva) dates back from 14th centure and is an important centre of philosophy and theology from its founding in 1390 up to nowadays. It was built at the same time as the Dubrovnik Town Walls and it resembles the tower. The church of the Dominican monastery was rebuilt at various occasions over the centuries. The church consists of a single nave with apse with stained glass windows. The bell tower is Baroque and Romanesque, the south portal is Romanesque, surrounded by a Gothic arches. The main artwork in the church is the large Gothic crucifix made by Paolo Veneziano. Other artworks includes the statue of the Madonna and a bas relief by Ivan Mestrovic, an altarpiece by Ivo Dulcic, and a painting by Vlaho Bukovac. The cloister of the Dominican Monastery (above photo) is the most striking part of the building that was built in Gothic-Renaissance style in 15t century. The art collection of the Dominican monks is exhibited in the monastery museum whish has numerous exhibits, among which most famous painting is Titian's painting of Mary Magdalene.

Dubrovnik is a well know town in Dalmatia, situated near at the very end of the Croatian territories. Dubrovnik stretches about 6 kilpometers - starting from the west from river Rijeka Dubrovacka/ Ombla in Mokosica, to the peninsula of Sveti Jakov in the east. Dubrovnik also includes Lapad peninsula, where most of the Dubrovnik hotels and beaches are located. The oldest side of Dubrovnik City, the Old Town is situated east of Lapad at the bottom of Srd; bare hill above the town. Nowadays, Dubrovnik has population of about 44 thousands. Dubrovnik is Croatian town and one of the most attractive places of the Mediterranean.

It has of an exceptional and well preserved cultural and historical heritage and is therefore its Old City inscribed on the UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites. Dubrovnik's attraction stands in it’s medieval , walled old town, with its stone-paved streets and squares, ellegant terraced houses, monasteries, churches, palaces, galleries and museums. Except for its heritage, Dubrovnik also offers good holiday opportunity in terms of sea, sun, night life, restaurants and taverns with various specialities of local as well as international cuisine.

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