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Costa del Sol Occidental

Castillo de la Duquesa, placed next to the beach and built to protect this place. It was built in the 18th Century.

Casares, considered Historica - Artistic Heritage since 1978. It is a typical to walk along its narrows and steep hills with unmistakable Arabic style.

Baños de la Hedionda, historical area and forced visit for its beneficial action for the health.

Archacological Sites, as "Cerro del Castillo" excavations Roman Villa in Sabinillas.

All the sports, to you reach, few tourist places can offer so many sports facilities. The golf courses of the area considerer as the best of the country. Equestrian Club, tennis, nautical sail, windsurf, to mention some of them, complete the sports offer in an enviroment favoured by an incompareable micro-climate.

The Costa del Sol counts with one of the most important hotel offers in Spain, both in terms of quantity as well as quality of the services available. It is worth noticing that of the 56.000 hotelbeds and 24.000 apartaments distributed in approximately 150 establishments, the mayority are of 3 star category and superior. Málaga is the second province in Spain in number of 5 star hotels (the first being Madrid) representing 75% of the total of 5 star hotels in Andalusia.

These type of establishments are caracterized by the quality and variety of services offered. Interior heated swimming-pools, health clubs, convention facilities, discotheques, beach clubs, tennis, squash and golf courses, etc. Many have restaurants distinguished with international prizes and are know throughout the world for having accommodated members of Royalties and famous filmstars, singers, politicians, sports celebrities, etc.

But not only the luxury hotels offer top-quality. With the investments taking place most 3 and 4 star hotels are incorporating services along this line situating them not only within the standards of the actual demand of quality and services, but even exceeding them in many cases.

The intense development of the Costa del Sol has led to the establishment of many excellent international restaurants. French, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern -name your favourite food and you'll find it with very little effort.

But, there is an indigenous cuisine in the province of Málaga -light, subtle and perfectly suited to the climate and way of life. Tapas, for example -these delicious snacks are served in bars and cafés, and the variety is amazing. They range from fresh anchovies, either fried or marinated, to slices of cured ham or Manchego cheese, to all sorts of salads. Seafood in general, especially in beachside restaurants called "chiringuitos", is a delight. Fish fries, grilled sardines, shellfish and gazpacho are all worth sampling. In the interior, you'll find simple, roadside restaurants called "ventas", that specialise in more hearty fare, like rabbit, partridge, lamb and paella. Just let your palate be your guide, and you won't be disappointed.

Since Moorish times Málaga has been famed for its figs and muscatel grapes which, sun-dried, produce sweet Málaga raisins. Oranges, avocados and exotic fruits such as cherimoya, loquat, quince and persimmon thrive in Málaga province. Other good buys in the markets are almonds, herb-scented olives, olive oil, honey, quince jelly, culinary spices and herbs.

Málaga's pastries, some fried rather than baked, are flavoured with cinnamon, aniseed, sesame, almonds and honey, revealing their Moorish background.

Purchase sweets at convents in Málaga, Antequera or Ronda, where nuns confect them from traditional recipes. Málaga wines are world-famous. Pedro Ximénez, Lágrima and Moscatel varieties accompany dessert, fruits and cheese; try an amber, medium-dry for aperitif sipping.

Bodegas in Málaga dispense wines from the barrel. Hill towns such as Competa make wines in the old tradition.