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Polzeath is probably one of the most spectacular beaches in Cornwall


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North Cornwall Tourism

North Cornwall Tourism was established in 1993 in recognition of the importance of marketing North Cornwall as a high quality holiday destination to potential visitors both in the UK and Overseas.

North Cornwall Tourism acts as a marketing service for the many small and micro businesses involved in the Tourism sector in North Cornwall. The service is also involved in visitor information provision through the local Tourist Information Centres and represents North Cornwall on Local, Regional, County and Cross County tourism partnerships.

North Cornwall Tourism Mission Statement:

'North Cornwall Tourism will, in partnership with the tourism industry and tourism organisations, develop and market sustainable tourism in North Cornwall in order to maintain and improve the competitive position of the District as a quality, year-round holiday destination'.

North Cornwall Tourism is made up of the Tourism Officer Steve Kessell and a Tourism Assistant Post, currently held as a job share between Emma Rojano and Lydia Billson. The service is based at the Barn Lane, Bodmin, District Council Offices. As with most public services, the customers of the Tourism Service are many and varied. However, the main customers are as follows:

The Visitors. They are the lifeblood of tourism and the overriding aim of the Service is to attract visitors to the area and help ensure they have an enjoyable and satisfying holiday experience.

The Tourism Industry. The Tourism Service is working to support a successful tourism industry which creates jobs and generates spending in the local economy.

Local Tourism Organisations and TIC's. The Tourism Service is working to guide and support local efforts to develop the tourism product and provide information services.

The Local Community. Tourism has a range of positive and negative impacts on the local community and the environment. The Tourism Service must be aware of this context and look after the interests of the local community and the environment as part of achieving a sustainable tourism economy.

North Cornwall Tourism uses a variety of marketing techniques to attract visitors to North Cornwall. The main areas of operation are brochure production, promotion and distribution and internet marketing. Tourism businesses wishing to participate in the District Council promotions must have achieved a current grading under the National Quality Accommodation Standards as run by the AA, RAC and English Tourism Council.