Bryce Canyon City Live Cam

Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon is also a destination in and of itself


Hosted by:
  • Best Western Plus Ruby's Inn
  • 26 South Main Street - Bryce Canyon City
  • Utah 84764 - United States
  • (866) 866-6616
  • [email protected]

What to See and Do

Bryce Canyon country welcomes you to it 5,185 square miles of unparalled beauty, located in Garfield County in the Grand Circle Adventure Area of Utah.

One of the topographically varied areas in the United States, Bryce Canyon Country contrasts high mountain lakes and streams with the stark, twisted geology of Capital Reef's Waterpocket Fold along the Burr Trail, the contrast of forest green pines and blue spruce with the pink jewel-like spires of Bryce Canyon.

With two national parks (Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef) and part of third (Canyonlands), with three state parks (Kodachrome Basin, Escalante Petrified Forest and Anasazi Indian Village), with a giant national recreation are (Glen Canyon and its beautiful Lake Powell), with natural arches and bridges, volcanic lakes and reservoirs, rivers and sparkling streams, with wild animals (elk, big-horn sheep, buffalo, antelope, bear, mountain lions, cougar, bobcats and deer), with chipmunks and squirrels and skunk and foxes, with prairie dog towns and eagle and hawks, peaceful farms and ghost towns -- do you wonder that we boast a just a little?

Bryce Canyon Country's scenic attractions are unique in all the world, anad few plaves can match teh facilities and friendly people who are here to make your visit an experience long remembered.