Key West Live Cam

World-class musicians on our courtyard stage and great local seafood


Hosted by:
  • Smokin' Tuna Saloon
  • 4 Charles Street - Key West
  • Florida 33040 - United States

Key West, a beautiful U.S. island city

Other things to do are trips by Fireball glass-bottom sightseeing boats, a Key West Seaplane, the Old Town Trolley, and the Conch Tour Train. West Martello Fort and Gardens along with the East Martello Fort are a home for the Key West Art and Historical Society which presents artifacts and exhibits of Key West. Visit Curry Mansion, Tortle Kraals, a marine turtle exhibit, Mallory Market containing numerous shops, Key West Aquarium, the Lighthouse Museum, Berenson's Key West Greyhound Track, the Cuban Heritage Trail, and the Audubon House and Gardens. Without seeing any of these places, just sit back and relax and do normal things like sports and recreation, music and dining, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Key West

Key West is the very last key out of 1,700 beautiful islands and it is the most USA tropical paradise! It is as far South as you can drive in this country and only 90 miles away from Cuba. There are so many things to do on this beautiful island from tours and fishing to dining and nightlife you will surely want to come back again and again.

Things to do in Key West

Much of the fun in Key West involves interacting with the crystal blue water there. Snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, fishing and scuba diving are all offered in Key West. If you’ve never taken a Sunset Cruise then you really need to do it while you’re there. Cruising the turquoise blue waters and watching the sun go down will live in your memories forever. There are a few companies that offer sunset cruises: The Sunset Sail-Booze Cruise is around a two hour cruise that offers beer, wine and champagne while you’re enjoying the show. Tickets are around $45 for adults. Sunset Sails-Schooners & Tall Ships is around a two hour sail and offers hors d’oeuvres, premium beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks as part of the package.

Snorkeling is something a lot of people love to do while they are in Key West because the water is so clear it makes it easy to see all the beautiful marine life. There are a couple of companies that will take you out on a big catamaran boat and these trips are usually three hours long. Fury Catamaran cost anywhere between $41-$48 and Sebago Catamaran cost around $55. Make sure you take an underwater camera to capture the underwater beauty because these views is not something that you will see everyday.

Parasailing gives you a thrilling panoramic view of this beautiful paradise. There is no special training needed for parasailing you just put on a harness and then you will be lifted up anywhere from 300-600 feet above the ocean and sail away taking in all the views. If you don’t want to do it alone, they offer tandem rides that allow you to go up with a pro. The sail last for about 15 minutes then they bring you back down to the boat.

If you want to stay dry but still see whats under the ocean in Key West you can always take a Glass Bottom Boat tour. Key West Glass Bottom Boat with Sunset Option will take you out for a two hour tour on a glass bottom catamaran boat to a living coral barrier reef so you can see lots of beautiful sea life. Tickets average around $47.

You can choose to do everything separately or you can get an all in one trip with the Ultimate Adventure. This is a 6 hour adventure that has sailing, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, a water trampoline, rock wall climbing, lunch included and on the way back, adult beverages. This ultimate trip is really the ultimate!

Duval Street is home to all the best restaurants and nightlife in Key West.

Jimmy Buffets world famous original Margaritaville is is on Duval Street. If you want the best margarita you are in the right place. This is a family friendly place with an island atmosphere and island music on all the time with lots of live music and delicious food on the menu. You have got to visit this place or your trip won’t seem complete. Open daily 11am-12pm.

Smokin' Tuna Saloon is also a world famous restaurant made famous by Ernest Hemingway; it was his favorite place to go have a drink. Although not the original place Mr. Hemingway drank it is still a great place to go with great food and drinks. If you want to sit where Hemingway actually sat, go to Captain Tony’s; its the original Sloppy Joe’s and has a place on the map all its own.

If you want to relax and just enjoy being in the tropics, go to one of the beaches and sit right under a palm tree and soak up the sun and views. You can take a picnic and just enjoy doing nothing, sometimes that’s the best thing in the world!

  • Make sure you check the websites of the places you want to visit because a lot of them offer coupons and/or offer a early bird special price.
  • Buy all your beach items: sunscreen, hats, bathing suits, etc. before you leave the mainland because these items will be marked up on the island.
  • Plan your trip on the off season for cheaper hotel rates.
  • Duval Street is a very ‘adult’ atmosphere so I don’t recommend taking children there at night. You never know what you might see at some of the places, including nudity so go at your own risk, just fore-warning you.
  • Renting a mow-ped will make getting around easier, everybody rides them down there.