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Florida Travel Can Be Fun, Interesting And Easy On The Budget

Florida travel is a whole new experience when a Florida native is your guide. You will see some lesser known Florida towns, beaches, parks and attractions off the beaten path.

  • Discover enchanting Florida travel experiences that will be easy on your budget.
  • Learn interesting facts about Florida and learn about the history of Florida towns, parks and attractions.
  • Have fun without waiting in long sweaty lines and paying huge admission fees.

Everybody should have at least one Florida vacation that includes visiting Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld and the other biggies.

These theme parks are fun, well designed and well built. I love them, but this website is not about them.

This page will focus on the other Florida waiting to be discovered by you.

I have lived in Florida since 1960, and have traveled the back roads in every region of the state since graduating from the University of Florida. I knew and loved Florida the way it was.

The history of Florida is one of constant change. You can still discover places in old Florida to cherish and enjoy, but they are quickly vanishing.

My mission is to show you some lesser known towns, parks and attractions off the beaten path. These places will include the best Florida parks, beaches and towns.

I will also guide you to Florida attractions that capture the essence of the state as it was before Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and the other major theme parks changed the nature of Florida tourism.

I will share with you interesting facts about Florida and share my love of Florida history. I will pop in one of my old Florida postcards now and then just for fun.

My goal is to help you see and feel what captivated me about the state nearly 50 years ago when all Florida travel was on the back roads.

The first thing we have to do is break Florida into smaller parts so it's easier to understand.

When you look at the map of Florida, you quickly realize that this is a massive state. I don't just mean its 18 million people. I'm talking about the huge land area that we know as Florida.

It is about 833 miles by car from Pensacola to Key West. That's about the same driving distance as from Pensacola to Springfield and Illinois.

The Florida Highway Patrol says there are 83,141 miles of federal, state and county roads in Florida. Most of them are paved, and most Florida travel will be on the paved ones.

I will show you some great Florida travel experiences along the way.