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Florida Attractions: Something for Everyone

Nobody knows for sure how many tourist attractions exist in the State of Florida. I would guess at least one thousand, maybe more.

The early attractions were located close to the main Florida highways. These old places survived by snagging vacationing northern tourists on their way around the Sunshine State.

They also had a steady flow of Florida families that carried them through the slow season. There is no way anyone could see them all of these Florida attractions in a lifetime. In my long life in Florida, many tourist attractions have thrived, faded and disappeared. Bok Tower Lake Wales Florida Many were gone before I could see them even once or twice. Ever heard of Circus World, Splendid China, Masterpiece Theater, Rainbow Springs and Six Gun Territory?

I visited them all in their heyday, and now they are all gone. The coming of the Interstate Highways, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios was just too much for many of these old attractions to survive.

In the meantime, I will just focus on some of my favorite Florida attractions. Some of them are educational, some inspirational, and all just plain fun. My attractions include small amusement parks, zoos, museums, state parks and oddities. And another thing about these places: compared to the admission charges at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, you will save enough money to eat, drink and be merry without selling the farm. Your favorite Florida attractions are waiting to greet you! Stay tuned to this website for more attractions in the future.