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Showing a west-facing view of Main Street


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  • The Chatham Squire
  • 487 Main Street - Chatham
  • Massachusetts 02633 - United States
  • 508.945.0945
  • [email protected]

At Chatham Squire, hospitality is more than a concept, it's a way of life. Impeccable and gracious service, luxurious accommodations and classic New England cuisine have been our hallmark of excellence for more than eighty years. Affectionately known as the Grande Old Dame of New England, the Inn stands ready to welcome old friends and the next generations of new-found friends.

Nestled in the historic Main Street are forty enchanting rooms and suites, many with balconies, fireplaces and spectacular views. Rich with the indulgent amenities our guests have come to expect, they remain a haven of quiet comfort and thoughtful service. As invigorating as fresh salt air is the inviting openness of the spacious cottages that cascade from hilltop to seas. Like gracious seaside estates, the cottages feature a small group of private rooms clustered around a spacious living room. With crackling fireplace and convenient refrigerator, they're ideal for hosting family and friends with plenty of privacy for all.

Gentility is reborn in each of the twenty opulent suites, all meticulously decorated and detailed. The lavishly appointed master suites feature dining area, luxurious living room with wet bar, fireplaces and impressive decks and balconies, showplaces for the most elegant oceanfront entertaining. Wake up to a deliciously fresh and bountiful breakfast in the stately Main Inn or the seaside Beach House Grill. Relax over a casual lunch or dinner at the warmly romantic North Beach Tavern and, in season, enjoy lunch, cocktails and our weekly theme dinners on the beach. For formal elegance, the candlelit Main Dining Room offers creative, classic New England cuisine and carefully selected wines and cordials, along with spectacular views of Pleasant Bay and the open Atlantic. Activity lovers of all ages can putt or volley, splash or stroll on a corner of Cape Cod that weathers the seasons and seasons even the shortest of getaways. Amidst the choices expected from a full service resort, families are favored with yet another: the complimentary Beach Buddies children's program that allows adults and our younger guests to savor Summer apart and together.

The natural beauty of Chatham's coastal landscape is the perfect framework for four seasons of captivating flowers and foliage with splashes of color that extend from the sunny daffodils of Spring to the festive poinsettias of December. From the formal tea garden to the weeping garden of cherry, hemlock and pine, each of the theme gardens is a nook of tranquillity in which to pause, reflect and renew.

Stay and savor the holidays as they were meant to be unhurried, and, most of all, memorable. Share the fun, the feasts, the fireplaces, with old friends and new friends at your home for the holidays. Imagine your wedding day or any special day framed forever in our warm and welcoming Resort and backlit by the sheer splendor of the open Atlantic. Here's to fragrant flowers, elegant edibles and gracious service the gentility and hospitality that make ever occasion a new beginning and every celebration unforgettable. Conduct business with pleasure in a setting renowned for its historic elegance, impeccable service and signature New England cuisine. Soothed by salt air and spectacular seascapes, you'll leave refreshed and renewed beyond all expectations.

Chatham Squire has always been exceptional. Since that June day in 1914, when Boston stockbroker Charles Ashley Hardy officially opened the Pub, the bar has charmed and soothed the most discerning guests generations return year after year to savor the traditions and bask in the natural beauty. "The Grande Old Dame of New England" is an internationally renowned resort and a famous Cape Cod landmark that has become home to many hearts. A jewel among the prestigious Historic Hotels of America, Chatham Squire is a lovingly restored landmark situated on 22 acres of pristine Cape Cod seashore. This famed year-round bar is renowned for its breathtaking location, outstanding cuisine and exceptional service. Three restaurants appeal to all tastes and moods: the elegant Main Dining Room, the cozy North Beach Tavern and the seasonal Beach House Grill.

It's the Cape Cod you've always dreamed about. It's historic Chatham-by-the-Sea, with all the trimmings: lighthouses and gazebos, shopping, art and entertainment, homemade candy and homespun fun. From lighthearted Summertime band concerts to the unforgettable candlelit Christmas stroll, Chatham is a joyful excursion through time, steps from the sea and steps from the bar.