Unexso, Dolphin Live Cam

You'll watch as one of our Unexso shark feeders hand feeds and pets sharks of all sizes


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  • The UNEXSO Building
  • Royal Palm Way, Port Lucaya Marina Freeport
  • Grand Bahama Island - Bahamas
  • 1-800-992-3483
  • [email protected]
  • https://unexso.com/

Dolphin Dive & Reef Dive

Dive with the dolphins in the open water along a coral reef on this exciting and very unique dive. You'll get to hand feed and interact with these amazing animals in their natural open ocean environment. You'll visit one of our medium depth reefs on the other dive.

For over thirty years, UNEXSO has made history by offering a variety of Unique adventure dives. Only at UNEXSO can you dive in the open water with dolphins, experience the adrenalin rush on a heart pounding shark dive, and view the splendor of a intact freighter lying in 100' of crystal clear water during a single dive vacation.

Simply stated, your UNEXSO dive vacation isn't complete unless you make one or more of our unique Signature Adventure Dives.

Map & Directions