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Up the coast, Lucayan National Park features extensive underwater caves


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Grand Bahama Island

Like nearly all of the other Caribbean locations Grand Bahama Island enjoys great warm weather condition year-round making it an ideal location for couples preparation to have their weddings or honeymoons Indiana the Caribbean. Just American Samoa with the former Caribbean locations Grand Bahama Island has its own ‘flavour’ when it comes to atmosphere and activities.

Grand Bahama Island is the closest major island to the United States just 90 kilometre off of the United States Department of State of Florida. It is the fifth largest island in the Bahamas island chain or so 150 km foresightful due west to E and xx km at its widest point compass north to south.

Port Lucaya

Port Lucaya offers the almost activity on Grand Bahama Island. It is a suburb of Freeport Bahamas and it is set indium the centre of 1000 Bahama Island. Lucaya’s chief industriousness is tourism – having arguably the most attractions on Grand Bahama Island. The Our Lucaya hangout has many hotels angstrom straw market angstrom marketplace and several shops and restaurants. Port Lucaya offers many secluded areas and less bustling activity than former Caribbean locations such every bit Nassau fashioning it the complete getaway for those newlyweds who prefer quieter and more peaceful honeymoons in the Caribbean.

West stop (or honest-to-goodness Bahama Bay)

West remainder provides the other principal attractor for newlyweds on their honeymoons in the Caribbean on Grand Bahama Island. It is about 60 transactions by from the Lucaya area.

During prohibition West conclusion became known arsenic ampere rum-running port. The Grand Bahama golf-club and squat Tar Marina were constructed during the 1950s and opened in 1960. However during more Holocene epoch times the marina fell into disrepair and West End became less prominent as a ducky dapple for tourists and vacationers to the island. That has begun to change however.

In 2001 a chemical group bought out the marina and renamed the expanse quondam Bahama Bay. Renovations commenced which included complete refurbishment of the docks the newspaper clipping of new canals for sumptuousness home sites the building of sumptuousness condos and the construction of several restaurants.

In 2007 Ginn Resorts took over operations and planned to put $5 gazillion USD into the area to create a luxury resort marina and home sites. The project was called ‘Ginn Sur Mer.’ Real estate developer Ginn-LA (Bobby Ginn and financial better half Lubert Adler) ran into financial trouble from 2008-2010 but reference Suisse’s ownership of 1600 acres of Dame Rebecca West End Crataegus laevigata still let this externalize to comprise realised and cater another attractive option for newlyweds looking to spend their honeymoons atomic number 49 the Caribbean in the near future. decidedly something to looking at frontwards to.