Aasee in Münster Live Cam

Sailing, pedal boating, going for a walk, lazing around and having a barbecue


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Overschmidt Sailing School

If you spend a few days in Münster and pay attention to the sky, you will quickly discover one or even more of the many hot air balloons that regularly take off here in Münster. Stadtwerbung und Touristik Münster has a whole range of tourist offers ready for you. A special tip: bus excursions to moated castles.In Münsterland and Westphalia are the goals of the organized bus excursions. The water castles that are worth seeing are approached on various routes, every Saturday from mid-April to mid-October. What would the "Fahrradstadt Münster" be without the "Leeze", the most popular means of transport in the city. Every day more than 100,000 people from Münster cycle around at some point, and hardly any other city has such a well-developed network of cycle paths.

The architecture distinguishes the Therme Münster from all other leisure pools. The thermal bath has been lovingly integrated into a former brewery from the previous century, which is under monument protection. The result is a delightful connection between historical industrial architecture and modern leisure time experience. Even the brewery's wells are now used to fill the basins.

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