Blick vom Stadthaus in Münster Live Cam

View of the roofs and churches of Münster


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Landmarks of Münster

With around 280,000 inhabitants, Münster is the cultural and economic center of the Münsterland. As the bishopric and center of the Münster administrative district, it forms the regional center for a catchment area with 1.2 million residents. The Westphalian metropolis owes its reputation as an administrative center to the large number of authorities. The Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster is the third largest in Germany, around 45,000 students enliven the cityscape.

Münster owes its lively and fresh atmosphere to them. The "bicycle city Münster" is known for its high recreational value. Whether lake Aasee, promenade or all-weather zoo - there are many ways to relax. Münster also has a lot to offer culturally: 22 museums, seven cinemas, the municipal theaters with their wide range of offers, private and independent theaters and, last but not least, a free and lively art scene. The overall offer is rounded off by over 800 restaurants of all kinds.

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