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Münster also makes a good picture from above


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Teutoburg Forest

Münster - a city with history, university city, economic metropolis, seat of many administrative bodies, bicycle city, city of equestrian sports, old capital of Westphalia. All of these attributes are attributed to Münster. But Münster is more. Go on a voyage of discovery yourself and look for the one that suits you.

Münster is one of the two places where the historically significant Peace of Westphalia was concluded more then 350 years ago. The Münsterland is Germany's cycling paradise. Nowhere else are there as many cycle paths as here, and nowhere else is the whole region so geared towards cyclists. The variety of cycling options is unimagined: whether with your own or rented bike, whether guided or unguided, with or without luggage transfer: in the Münsterland every bike tour is an experience. The 1997 Radelmagazin, which you can order online free of charge, contains detailed information, route tips and hints.

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