Prinzipalmarkt Live Cam

In the middle of the old town of Münster


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  • Blickpunkt Münster
  • Stender GbR - Breul 4r
  • 48143 Münster, Rhine-Westphalia - Germany
  • 0251/4844661
  • [email protected]

Der Prinzipalmarkt in Münster

Münster has always been the lively center of Westphalia with a high quality of living and living. A lot of impulses for the region, the Münsterland, emanate from here. An intensive club life, the local party organizations, citizens 'initiatives, a large number of church providers and offers, two daily newspapers, an open television channel, Radio AM as a local radio station with the citizens' radio and several city papers as well as public and independent cultural companies are the basis for a lively political and cultural environment.

The city is always worth a trip - and everyone who has lived here likes to return, because the city quickly gives everyone the feeling of being at home and belonging here. As the regional center of culture, Münster offers a wide range of leisure activities. Almost every area of interest and every age group is catered for here with offers for day and night life. Large events that take place on a regular basis, such as city (partial) festivals, the broadcast, weekly markets and concerts attract large streams of visitors to the city.

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