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Kelowna Kelowna

In the Okanagan Valley, on the eastern shore of the beautiful Okanagan Lake

Osoyoos Osoyoos

On the finest lakeside hotels in British Columbia

Banff Banff

Situated within beautiful Banff National Park

Celebration Square Celebration Square

Park and amphitheatre located on City Centre Drive

Civic Centre Civic Centre

View of Mississauga City Centre from the southeast

Hampton Hampton

Nestled on the Lower Saint John River System

Baysville Baysville

Bigwin Island complex on lake of bays in Muskoka

Dorset Dorset

Mountain Trout House Marina on Kawagama Lake

Yeti Cruiser Yeti Cruiser

Located in the coastal mountains of British Columbia

Top Sasquatch Top Sasquatch

Just over a two hour drive from Vancouver

Beginner Area Beginner Area

Sasquatch Mountain Resort is designed with your progression in mind

Blur Chair Far Blur Chair Far

Come and enjoy all of the beautiful scenery that Sasquatch Mountain Resort

Sasquatch Chair Sasquatch Chair

Developed and operated under the guidelines of the Canadian Ski Association

stadium View Stadium View

Located in beautiful Silver Star Provincial Park, near Vernon BC

Passmore View Passmore View

Located at trail heads and junctions, indicating the degree of difficulty to be expected in skiing them

Comox Valley Comox Valley

Spectacular panoramic oceanfront views at Vancouver Island

Outside Main Street North Outside Main Street North

Located in an area known as the Okanagan Valley

Main Street Market South Main Street Market South

Situated between two lakes, Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake

SS Sicamous SS Sicamous

Penticton is located in the south central region of BC

north, Wasaga Beach North, Wasaga Beach

The world’s longest freshwater beach

South, Wasaga Beach South, Wasaga Beach

Shores of southern Georgian Bay

Kamloops Kamloops

A golf course of uncommon beauty, conditioning, playability and challenge

Antigonish Antigonish

The oldest continuously run Highland Games in North America

Algonquin Blvd. East Algonquin Blvd. East

Taking live views from City Hall

Gillies Lake Gillies Lake

Mattagami Region Conservation (MRCA) Building at Gillies Lake

Denny Island Denny Island

Located on the central coast of British Columbia

Victoria, BC Victoria, BC

Located in a beautiful scenic area of Victoria's inner harbour

Okanagan Lake Okanagan Lake

Just steps from Kelowna’s famously sunny beaches

Perrault Falls Perrault Falls

Nestled on the shore of beautiful Perrault Lake are sixteen modern guest cottages

Deschenes Rapids Deschenes Rapids

Formerly a private yacht, she now is a Sail Training vessel for Bytown Brigantine

Lac Deschenes Lac Deschenes

Ottawa's oldest sailing, social and tennis club

Britannia-on-the-Bay Britannia-on-the-Bay

Recreational facilities and clubhouse services

Lake Ontario Lake Ontario

In the heart of the city and the other on the Toronto Islands

Charlottetown Charlottetown

A view of lower Queen Street in downtown Charlottetown

Qualicum Beach Qualicum Beach

Located about 10 minutes north of Qualicum Beach

Amphitrite Lighthouse Amphitrite Lighthouse

Located on the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet

South Okanagan - Canada South Okanagan - Canada

Check out the view from Watermark

Fort Niagara Fort Niagara

Live view of Old Fort Niagara and Lake Ontario

Niagara Falls Niagara Falls

Live view of Niagara Falls from the Hilton Fallsview Hotel

Calgary, Alberta Calgary, Alberta

Come and view Alberta's premier recreational community live feed

Kimberley Canada Kimberley Canada

Located in the heart of Kimberley, the cutest town in Canada

Calgary Doggie Daycare & Spa Calgary Doggie Daycare & Spa

A place for your pups to lounge and relax in cozy living space

Canada Unveiled: A Panoramic Exploration Through Live Cams

Embark on a Virtual Odyssey to Discover the Beauty of the Great White North in Real Time

Canada, a land of vast wilderness, towering mountains, and cosmopolitan cities, invites you on a mesmerizing virtual journey through live cams. Join us as we traverse the diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and urban wonders of Canada, offering a real-time glimpse into the breathtaking beauty that defines this vast and enchanting nation.

Majestic Wilderness: Real-Time Views of Canada's Natural Splendors

Live cams bring the untamed wilderness of Canada directly to your screen. From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the pristine lakes of Banff National Park, witness the ever-changing panoramas, vibrant wildlife, and the unspoiled beauty that characterizes Canada's majestic landscapes.

City Skylines Alive: Urban Adventures Unfold in Real Time

Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of Canada's cities through live cams capturing the iconic skylines and vibrant street scenes. From the bustling multiculturalism of Toronto to the historic charm of Old Montreal, these webcams provide a front-row seat to the urban pulse of this diverse and culturally rich country.

Coast-to-Coast Coastal Marvels: Seaside Serenity in Real Time

Explore Canada's extensive coastlines through live cams showcasing the serene beaches, dramatic cliffs, and picturesque harbors. Whether it's the rugged beauty of the Pacific coastline in Vancouver or the maritime charm of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, these webcams offer a real-time escape to Canada's coastal havens.

Historical Landmarks Illuminated: Canada's Heritage in Focus

Delve into Canada's rich history with live cams focused on iconic landmarks. From the historic architecture of Quebec City to the modern elegance of the CN Tower in Toronto, these webcams offer a visual journey through time, highlighting the architectural wonders that shape Canada's cultural heritage.

Northern Lights Extravaganza: Celestial Displays in Real Time

Witness the magical dance of the Northern Lights through live cams positioned in Canada's northern regions. Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of the Aurora Borealis as it illuminates the night sky in a symphony of colors, providing a virtual front-row seat to this celestial spectacle.

Planning Your Canadian Escapade: Real-Time Travel Insights

Live cams serve as invaluable tools for planning your future Canadian adventure. Stay updated on real-time weather conditions, explore potential destinations, and let the virtual experience guide you in curating an unforgettable journey through the diverse wonders of Canada.

Sustainable Virtual Travel: Explore Responsibly from Home

In an era of responsible tourism, virtual exploration through live cams offers a sustainable way to experience Canada. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this vast country without leaving a carbon footprint, aligning your wanderlust with environmental consciousness.

How to Dive into Canada's Virtual Realms
  • Select Your View: Explore a variety of live cams capturing different facets of Canada, from wilderness to urban landscapes. Tailor your virtual experience to match your interests and travel aspirations.
  • Stay Connected to Canadian Vibes: Follow social media accounts and websites providing real-time updates from the live cams, ensuring you stay connected to the cultural pulse and seasonal nuances of Canada.
  • Dream, Plan, Discover: Let the virtual journey inspire your wanderlust. Use the insights gained from live cams to dream, plan, and discover the diverse wonders that Canada has to offer, from natural wonders to urban sophistication.

Canada's live cams invite you to a virtual expedition across a land of contrasts, where nature and civilization coexist in harmony. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an urban explorer, or simply seeking a moment of visual delight, join us as we explore the captivating landscapes and cultural richness of Canada in real-time. Every frame captures the essence of a country that is as vast and diverse as it is awe-inspiring and welcoming.