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IJmuiden IJmuiden

A small port city in the Dutch province of beautiful North Holland

Amsterdam Amsterdam

5 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station

PHS Rijswijk PHS Rijswijk

Rijswijk-Rotterdam High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme

Rotterdam Rotterdam

Rotterdam Centraal Station is also connected to the light rail system, RandstadRail

Willemsoord Willemsoord

The beautiful harbour of Den Helder and the sea

Wijk aan Zee Wijk aan Zee

Watch the live feed of beach pavilion Timboektoe

Zoutelande Zoutelande

Enjoy the sun, sea and beach in Zoutelande in Zeeland

Amsterdam Amsterdam

The best greens of all golf courses around Amsterdam

Blauwestad Blauwestad

A modern city marina on the south side of the Oldambtmeer

Midwolda Midwolda

A spacious marina on the North edge of the Oldambtmeer

Cadzand-Bad Cadzand-Bad

View the area surrounding the Strandhotel

Strand Oostkapelle Strand Oostkapelle

All parties are tailor-made to your personal wishes

Callantsoog Callantsoog

There you can enjoy sun, beach, waves, sea and dunes from morning to evening

Weststrandhalle in List Weststrandhalle in List

Roof of the Wonnemeyer Weststrandhalle in List

Cadzand-Bad Cadzand-Bad

Overlooking one of the most stunning beaches in Netherlands

Velsen-Noord Velsen-Noord

Located at the Noorpier on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands

Ouddorp Ouddorp

View the current weather and expectations

Domburg Domburg

Come and relax on the beach, you are most welcome

Scheveningen Scheveningen

Top of a dune overlooking a sandy beach and the North Sea

Gendt - Netherlands Gendt - Netherlands

Located on the banks of the river Waal

Strand Vrouwenpolder Strand Vrouwenpolder

Enjoy the most beautiful sunset in the Netherlands

Zwartsluis Zwartsluis

Beautifully situated hotel at the river

Domburg Beach Domburg Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands

Stenen Toko Stenen Toko Terrace

You can watch what you can do on our terrace at any time

Ameland - West Frisian Islands Ameland - West Frisian Islands

Enjoy the beautiful view of the port of Nes

Scheveningen Beach View Scheveningen Beach View

You can also watch the setting sun with our live streaming camera

Beautiful view of Rotterdam Beautiful view of Rotterdam

24 hours a day and 7 days a week this is the view of the hotel

Beach Pavilion Noordduine Beach Pavilion Noordduine

View live images of the beautiful beach at Strand pavilion Noordduine in Domburg

North Sea Beach, Brouwersdam North Sea Beach, Brouwersdam

Locate On the North Sea beach of Brouwersdam in Zeeland

Ice Rink Haarlem Ice Rink Haarlem

The Ice Rink Haarlem has one of the best ice floors in the Netherlands

Texel beach Texel beach

North Sea beach of Texel is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands

Oostvoornse Lake Oostvoornse Lake

Beautiful view from lazy chair to check whether it is worth to throw your gear on the roof

Beach View - Hoek van Holland Beach View - Hoek van Holland

Live camera located directly on the wide beach of Hoek van Holland

Live Cam located in a monumental building Monumental building

Maastricht’s most famous square with numerous cafes, restaurants and bars

Netherlands Unveiled: A Digital Expedition through Webcams

Embark on a virtual journey through the charming landscapes and vibrant cities of the Netherlands. Join us as we explore this European gem through the lens of webcams, offering a digital expedition into the heart of Dutch culture, history, and natural beauty.

Amsterdam's Canal Ballet: A Digital Dance of Architecture

Our virtual exploration begins in the iconic city of Amsterdam, where webcams capture the enchanting dance of canals that wind through the historic streets. Marvel at the architectural elegance of canal-side houses, each with its unique character and charm.

The live feeds provide real-time views of bustling water traffic and pedestrians strolling along the scenic bridges. Let the digital lens be your guide to the canal ballet, where every frame reflects the timeless beauty of Amsterdam's urban landscape.

Tulip Extravaganza: Keukenhof Gardens in Bloom

Shift your gaze to the vibrant hues of Keukenhof Gardens, where webcams offer a front-row seat to the world-famous tulip extravaganza. Experience the explosion of colors as millions of tulips bloom, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of flowers.

The live feeds become a virtual stroll through the meticulously landscaped gardens, showcasing not only tulips but also daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring blooms. Let the digital lens transport you to Keukenhof, a floral paradise that symbolizes the Netherlands' love affair with flowers.

Rural Serenity: Giethoorn's Canals and Thatched-Roof Houses

Continue our digital expedition to the tranquil village of Giethoorn, known as the "Venice of the North." Webcams capture the idyllic scenes of canals winding through the village, bordered by charming thatched-roof houses and lush gardens.

Immerse yourself in the rural serenity of Giethoorn as the live feeds showcase punting boats gliding peacefully along the waterways. Let the digital lens guide you through this picture-perfect village, where time seems to stand still in a harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Cultural Riches: The Hague's Historical Splendor

Our virtual journey takes us to The Hague, the political and cultural heart of the Netherlands. Webcams offer glimpses into the historical splendor of this city, from the grandeur of Binnenhof to the artistic treasures of Mauritshuis.

The live feeds capture the vibrant atmosphere of The Hague's streets, where cultural events and festivals unfold against the backdrop of magnificent architecture. Let the digital lens be your guide to the cultural riches of The Hague, a city that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

Windmills in Motion: Kinderdijk's UNESCO World Heritage Site

As our digital expedition continues, webcams transport us to Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its iconic windmills. Experience the enchanting sight of these historic structures in motion, harnessing the power of the wind to manage water levels in the low-lying polders.

The live feeds become a virtual journey through the picturesque landscape, where the digital lens captures the timeless beauty of windmills against a backdrop of expansive skies. Let Kinderdijk's windmills be a testament to the Netherlands' engineering prowess and its enduring connection with water.

A Dutch Tapestry Through Digital Pixels

As our digital expedition through the Netherlands concludes, the webcams have unfolded a rich tapestry of canal dances, tulip extravaganzas, rural serenity, historical splendor, and windmill wonders. Whether navigating Amsterdam's waterways, strolling through Keukenhof's gardens, or admiring the windmills of Kinderdijk, the Netherlands' beauty comes alive through every pixel on your screen.

Let this virtual expedition be an invitation to delve deeper into the Dutch experience—a land where cultural richness meets natural beauty, and where every webcam frame tells a story of a nation proud of its heritage and embraced by its landscapes.