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El Cruce El Cruce

Lanzarote is the ideal water sport destination

Ibiza Port Ibiza Port

Overlooking the Dalt Vila and port of Ibiza

Es Vedra Es Vedra

Enjoying the greatest free show on earth

Islas Canarias Islas Canarias

Direct access to the dunes and the beach

Mallorca Mallorca

Enjoys a privileged location on the sea front

Port de Pollença Port de Pollença

Probably with the best views of the Bay of Pollença

Barrio Gótico Barrio Gótico

Bar Oviso, located in the heart of the Barrio Gótico at Plaza George Orwell

Rota, Cádiz Rota

The hotel has a free towel service for all our clients

Agua Dulce Agua Dulce

Andalusia is the perfect place for a vacation or a business meeting

Fuerteventura Fuerteventura

Enjoy your favorite water sports in the best conditions

Benicàssim south Benicàssim South

It's an ideal place where the Sea and the mountains meet

Benicàssim North Benicàssim North

One of the numerous enchantments of the Voramar hotel is its location

Alicante Alicante

Located in the center of Calpe, on the Costa Blanca

Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca

Directly opposite this beautiful backdrop

Coast of Mallorca Coast of Mallorca

Restaurant right by the sea

Asturias Asturias

Located on the first line of the Barro beach

Bahía, Gijón Bahía, Gijón

Now you won’t miss any surf session

San Pedro San Pedro

Keep an eye on this webcam and don’t take any chances

Playa del Ingles Playa del Ingles

Located on the entrance of one of the most lively Shopping Centres

Arguineguín Arguineguín

Enjoy the enchanting surroundings of this well-known vacation paradise

Gran Canaria Gran Canaria

The location in Gran Canaria is regarded as having the most temperate climate in the world

Las Palmas Las Palmas

Gran Canaria means sun, beach and fun

Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca

Located on the beach of Can Pastilla, with spectacular views

Lafuente Lafuente

Four main pilgrimage routes to the Santo Toribio Monastery

Lebaniego Lebaniego

Two pilgrimage routes in Cantabria, discover them

Cantabria Cantabria

One of the main Jacobean routes, the Camino del Norte or the Cantabrian coast

Puerto Alcudia Puerto Alcudia

Close to Playa Sa Marina, Playa de San Joan and Playa de Sant Pere

Mallorca Mallorca

Nearby we find the cities of Montuiri, Santa Eugenia and Llucmajor

Cala Major Cala Major

Located on the beachfront, 300 metres from the Marivent Palace

Spain Unveiled: A Digital Expedition through Culture and Beauty

Embark on a virtual expedition to Spain, a country where vibrant culture, historic treasures, and stunning landscapes converge. Immerse yourself in the charm of this Iberian gem through the lens of webcams, offering real-time glimpses into the heart of Spain's iconic cities, coastal paradises, and architectural wonders.

Barcelona's Architectural Marvels

Our digital exploration begins in Barcelona, where webcams provide live views of architectural marvels. Immerse yourself in the whimsical creations of Antoni Gaudí as the digital lens captures the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and the intricate details of Casa Batlló.

The live feeds become a virtual stroll through the lively streets, showcasing the blend of Gothic and modernist architecture. Let the digital lens guide you through Barcelona, a city where every corner tells a story of artistic brilliance and cultural richness.

Seville's Flamenco Soul

Shift our gaze to Seville, where webcams offer real-time glimpses of flamenco soul. Experience the passion and rhythm of this traditional Spanish art form as the digital lens captures vibrant performances, intricate footwork, and soul-stirring music.

The live feeds provide a virtual front-row seat to the cultural heartbeat of Seville, showcasing the fusion of history and artistic expression. Let the digital lens transport you to the heart of flamenco, where every beat resonates with the spirit of Andalusia.

Costa del Sol's Coastal Elegance

Continue our digital journey to Costa del Sol, where webcams offer views of coastal elegance. Immerse yourself in the sun-kissed beaches, sparkling Mediterranean waters, and charming seaside towns as the digital lens captures the essence of this coastal paradise.

The live feeds become a virtual beachfront retreat, showcasing the allure of coastal living and the relaxing atmosphere of the Costa del Sol. Let the digital lens guide you through this Mediterranean gem, where every wave carries the spirit of relaxation and beauty.

Madrid's Cultural Capital

Our virtual exploration takes us to Madrid, where webcams offer views of the cultural capital. Immerse yourself in the world-class museums, historic landmarks, and bustling city life as the digital lens captures the Prado Museum, Puerta del Sol, and the grandeur of the Royal Palace.

The live feeds provide a virtual tour through the vibrant neighborhoods, showcasing the blend of tradition and modernity that defines Madrid. Let the digital lens be your window to the cultural richness of Spain's capital city.

Granada's Alhambra: Moorish Splendor

As our digital journey concludes, webcams in Granada offer views of Moorish splendor at the Alhambra. Explore the intricate palaces, stunning gardens, and historic fortifications as the digital lens captures the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The live feeds become a virtual stroll through the Nasrid Palaces, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and architectural legacy of Al-Andalus. Let the digital lens guide you through Granada, a city where the echoes of Moorish history are preserved in every stone.

Spain's Beauty through a Digital Lens

As our digital expedition through Spain concludes, the webcams have unfolded a visual symphony of architectural marvels, flamenco soul, coastal elegance, cultural capital, and Moorish splendor. Whether exploring Barcelona's artistic wonders, feeling the rhythm in Seville, enjoying the sun on Costa del Sol, delving into Madrid's cultural richness, or marveling at Granada's Alhambra, Spain's beauty comes alive through every pixel on your screen.

Let this virtual expedition be an invitation to delve deeper into the wonders that Spain generously shares with the world. The digital lens, although a substitute for being there in person, allows us to appreciate and celebrate the raw, authentic essence of Spain's landscapes, culture, and architectural heritage.