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Oberammergau Oberammergau

World famous as the venue for the Passion Play

Bad Aibling Bad Aibling

A luxury health resort with a peat pulp bath and mineral spa

Duhner Beach Promenade Duhner Beach Promenade

The thick pots passing by and the beautiful mudflat landscape

Aasee in Münster Aasee in Münster

Sailing, pedal boating, going for a walk, lazing around and having a barbecue

Prinzipalmarkt Prinzipalmarkt

In the middle of the old town of Münster

Hoch über Münster Hoch über Münster

Münster also makes a good picture from above

Blick vom Stadthaus in Münster Blick vom Stadthaus in Münster

View of the roofs and churches of Münster

Schau unsere Gewässer Schau unsere Gewässer

Views from the Inn at the level of the clubhouse in Mühldorf am Inn

Dortmund west View Dortmund West View

See what is happening on the apron of Dortmund Airport

Dortmund East View Dortmund East View

The best view of the airport apron

Cologne Cologne

Taken from the roof of the company headquarters

Kühndorf Kühndorf

How is the weather at the airfield today

Wernigerode Wernigerode

A town in the district of Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Bad Zwischenahn Bad Zwischenahn

Touristik-Zentrale in Bad Zwischenahn am Meer

Rantum Rantum

The North Sea and the quiet of the Wadden Sea

Marktplatz Gadebusch Marktplatz Gadebusch

Picturesque town in the north of Germany

Bremen Bremen

Situated in the green heart of the city; the public park Am Bürgerpark

Berchtesgaden Berchtesgaden

Situated on rooftop from the Hotel Edelweiss Berchtesgaden

Woltersdorf Woltersdorf

We have a covered terrace and can also protect it from wind and rain

Vom Binzer Strand Vom Binzer Strand

Quiet location near the forest on the outskirts of Binz

Flight operations View Flight operations View

Take a look behind the scenes of Flight operations

Check-in area View Check-in area View

Take a look behind the scenes of Check-in area

Apron View Apron View

Take a look behind the scenes of Apron

Aircraft handling View Aircraft handling View

Take a look behind the scenes of Aircraft handling

Taxiway View Taxiway View

Take a look behind the scenes of Taxiway

Baltic Sea ViewBaltic Sea View

View from the balcony of the apartment Meersehen towards the pier in Scharbeutz

Kiel - Germany Kiel - Germany

180º panoramic view covering the entire charming city of Kiel

Augsburg - Germany Augsburg - Germany

Located in the heart of Augsburg, right next to the pedestrian precinct

Warnemünde Strand Warnemünde Strand

Beach with view from Best Western Hanse Hotel

Krefeld-Bockum Krefeld-Bockum

Panoramic view from our roof terrace over the "Stadt wie Samt und Seide"

Alpine Panorama Alpine Panorama

Enjoy a round trip from the rooftop of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten at Garmisch Partenkirchen

Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße, Frankfurt Wilhelm-Leuschner-Straße, Frankfurt

Located in the heart of the city on the banks of the River Main

Island of Rügen on the Baltic Sea Island of Rügen on the Baltic Sea

The weather just now in Binz, Rügen - Germany

Port of Hamburg Port of Hamburg

Enjoy with the webcam on our roof live a unique view over the Elbe and the Elbphilharmonie

View from Hotel Maris to the Baltic Sea View from Hotel Maris to the Baltic Sea

Livestream with view over the bay of Lübeck

Rhine embankment promenade - Rhein Rhine embankment promenade - Rhein

The ideal starting point for exciting journeys of discovery in the romantic Middle Rhine Valley

Baden-Baden in the Black Forest Baden-Baden in the Black Forest

Located in city centers or on the urban fringes

Allgäuer Alpen - Deutschland Allgäuer Alpen - Deutschland

Situated in a quiet place in the South of Oberstdorf with beautiful view to the Allgaeuer Alps

Exploring the Diverse Beauty of Germany through Digital Perspectives

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Germany unfolds its captivating landscapes and rich cultural tapestry through a network of webcams, offering a unique glimpse into the multifaceted beauty that defines this European gem.

Architectural Grandeur

Embark on a visual journey through Germany's architectural marvels as digital lenses pan across historic castles, charming half-timbered villages, and iconic cityscapes. From the medieval charm of Rothenburg ob der Tauber to the modern elegance of Berlin, each frame captures the diverse architectural heritage that graces the German landscape.

Nature's Symphony

Witness the harmonious blend of nature's wonders as the cameras showcase Germany's diverse scenery. From the picturesque Bavarian Alps to the serene beauty of the Black Forest, these lenses provide a real-time view of lush forests, rolling hills, and pristine lakes that define the natural allure of the country.

Cultural Richness

Explore the vibrant cultural life of Germany through the lenses that capture lively festivals, art-filled squares, and the bustling atmosphere of local markets. Whether it's the classical elegance of Dresden or the contemporary vibrancy of Hamburg, these digital windows offer glimpses into the dynamic cultural scene that makes Germany a cultural hub.

Enchanting Rhine River

Follow the course of the majestic Rhine River as the cameras pan along its banks, unveiling vineyard-covered hills, medieval castles, and charming riverside villages. Experience the romantic allure of this iconic river, immortalized in literature and poetry, through the lens of these digital storytellers.

Cityscape Charms

Discover the urban sophistication of German cities, where historic landmarks coexist with modern architecture. From the iconic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to the charming canals of Heidelberg, these webcams provide a visual feast of cityscapes that showcase Germany's seamless blend of the old and the new.

Virtual Travel Experience

In a world where physical travel may be limited, let the digital lenses of Germany's webcams be your passport to a land of architectural wonders, natural beauty, and cultural richness. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Germany, and let these digital windows transport you to the heart of this European treasure.