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Oxford Internet Institute Oxford Internet Institute

OII has three wonderful buildings in central Oxford

University of Oxford University of Oxford

On the beautiful corner of Catte and Holywell Streets in central Oxford

Burnham-on-Sea Burnham-on-Sea

Beautiful Somerset seafront view and the UK's shortest pier

Norfolk Norfolk

Situated for a relaxing holiday on the north Norfolk Coast

St Ives Harbour St Ives Harbour

Located on the dramatic North Cornwall coast

Harlyn Beach - UK Harlyn Beach - UK

Based at Harlyn Bay near Padstow on the North Cornish coast

Wadebridge Wadebridge

Polzeath is probably one of the most spectacular beaches in Cornwall

Polzeath Polzeath

Live view positioned on the gently sloping cliff overlooking the beach

North Cornwall Coast North Cornwall Coast

Visitors keep coming back year after year to enjoy the beauty and safety of its golden sands

Riverside Entrance Riverside Entrance

Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales

Riverside Touring park area Riverside Touring park area

Secluded Park on the banks of the River Wenning

Cornwall, Rock Cornwall, Rock

View from the Blue Tomato in Rock overlooking the wonderful Camel Estuary towards Padstow Harbour

The Quay at St Mawes The Quay at St Mawes

Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall

Carbis Bay Beach - UK Carbis Bay Beach - UK

Check the tide, weather and surf conditions at Carbis Bay Beach, at St Ives on the north coast of Cornwall

Cornish Cove Cornish Cove

Lusty Glaze Beach is a popular haven for swimmers, surfers and beach lovers

Watergate Bay - Cornwall Watergate Bay - Cornwall

Spectacular beach on the north Cornwall coast

Perth Airport, Scotland Perth Airport, Scotland

Ideally positioned in the heart of Scotland, located 4 miles north-east of Perth

Coniston Boating Centre Coniston Boating Centre

Live views across the bay from Coniston Boating Centre

Coniston Lake - UK Coniston Lake - UK

Located on the North West shore of Coniston Lake

Fistral Beach View Fistral Beach View

Situated overlooking Fistral Beach, the UK's premiere beach break

Cornwall - Fistral Beach Cornwall - Fistral Beach

Webcam of Newquays Fistral beach as viewed from the top of Pentire Hotel in Newquay

Cornwall, The Merrymoor Inn Cornwall, The Merrymoor Inn

Live streaming images of the views from the Merrymoor

Camberley, Surrey Camberley, Surrey

Located on the border of Hampshire and Surrey

1st Tee 1st Tee Webcam

Watch the wind and weather, see how quiet or busy we are or just enjoy the view

Perranporth Surf Live View Perranporth Surf Live View

Beachfront in Perranporth Cornwall - UK

Pitlochry Atholl Road Pitlochry Atholl Road

Located on the main street through Pitlochry at the South end and near to car parking

Cornish coast at Mullion Cove Cornish coast at Mullion Cove

Situated on the Lizard Peninsula in South Cornwall

Mullion Cove Harbour Mullion Cove Harbour

South West Coastal path running directly in front of the hotel

West view, Hove Brighton on the Beach West view, Hove Brighton on the Beach

Hove Brighton on the Beach with Al fresco dining

Embarking on a Visual Sojourn: Exploring the UK Through Streaming Cameras

Join us on a captivating journey as we explore the United Kingdom through the lens of high-definition streaming cameras. From the historic streets of London to the picturesque landscapes of the countryside, each frame captures a unique facet of this diverse and culturally rich island nation.

London's Timeless Elegance: Iconic Landmarks in Focus

Our streaming cameras offer real-time glimpses into the timeless elegance of London, where iconic landmarks and modern architecture coexist harmoniously. Explore the historic beauty of the Tower of London, witness the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and marvel at the modern skyline along the River Thames. These live views provide a dynamic perspective of a city that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation.

Edinburgh's Old World Charm: Castles and Cobblestone Streets

Shift your gaze to the north as our cameras capture the old-world charm of Edinburgh. Wander through cobblestone streets, explore the historic Edinburgh Castle, and soak in the literary ambiance of the Royal Mile. These live views transport you to the heart of Scotland's capital, where medieval architecture and cultural richness create an enchanting atmosphere.

The Beauty of the British Countryside: Rolling Hills and Historic Estates

Venture beyond the urban landscapes as our streaming cameras take you to the idyllic beauty of the British countryside. Witness the rolling hills of the Cotswolds, where quaint villages and thatched-roof cottages create a postcard-perfect scene. Explore the vast estates of Yorkshire, where stately homes and lush gardens unfold against the backdrop of expansive landscapes. These live views provide a tranquil escape into the natural beauty that defines rural Britain.

Coastal Serenity: Cornwall's Cliffs and Seascapes

Explore the coastal serenity of Cornwall through streaming cameras that capture the dramatic cliffs and picturesque seascapes. Immerse yourself in the artistic ambiance of St. Ives, where sandy beaches meet azure waters, and the coastal landscapes inspired renowned painters. These live views offer a virtual seaside retreat, showcasing the rugged beauty that has made Cornwall a beloved destination.

Belfast's Historic Heritage: From Titanic Quarter to Murals

Shift your focus to Northern Ireland as our cameras take you to Belfast, a city steeped in historic heritage. Explore the Titanic Quarter, home to the iconic shipyard where the RMS Titanic was built. Witness the vibrant murals that tell the story of Belfast's complex history. These live views provide insight into the cultural richness and resilience of Northern Ireland's capital.

The UK Unveiled in Every Frame

In conclusion, the streaming cameras act as a visual portal to the diverse and captivating landscapes of the United Kingdom. Whether you are drawn to the urban elegance of London, the historic charm of Edinburgh, the natural beauty of the countryside, or the coastal serenity of Cornwall, each frame tells a story of the UK's unique identity. Join us in this visual sojourn, and let the streaming cameras be your virtual guide to the wonders of this island nation.